This site is located in the center of a 24
hour, 7 day a week working oil field with
restrictions that apply for oil field operation
safety with a 15 mile per hour speed limit:

-  All personal vehicles are to be parked

-  All personnel will be shuttled to the site in
vans.  Vans are only allowed to park outside
the gate the gate basecamp.  Pulling off the
side of the road within the oil field other than
areas designated at the location are

-  All personnel must remain on designated
filming area site only - no walking around
the oil field is allowed.

-  Smoking is allowed only at the designated
   area set up by the Owner. Violators are
subject to immediate removal from the

-  No bicycles allowed on site.

-  Absolutely no gas heaters, dolly heaters,   
gas bbq's - ceramic coil electric heaters
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