The owner has a licensing agreement that is
exclusive for this site and has already been
approved by numerous studios.  It will be
provided as a word document upon request.
The house and adjoining 5 acres are
located in a working oil field that is
operational 24- hours a day, seven day a
week.  As a result, there are vehicles
constantly moving throughout the 1,100 acre
field.  This property is located in the north
west portion of the field.  The access is
exclusively through the Duquesne field
entrance off Jefferson Boulevard by Culver
City's Botts Field.  Right of passage is by a
licensing agreement with Plains Exploration
and Production, Inc. (PXP) that Liz Gosnell
will coordinate for you.
Certificates of Insurance with
endorsements and licensing
agreements are required by both
the property owner and the oil
and gas operator.  
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