Originally constructed in 1896, this
unoccupied 5,400 sq. ft. brick craftsman
masterpiece is a throwback to “Anywhere
Rural America” and is situated on the
highest hill in a functioning 1,100 acre oil

The secluded property is conveniently
located in the “15 mile filming radius”
range with easy freeway access.  The
property is located in Los Angeles County
filming territory.

Large base camp parking for your trailers,
equipment and dining tent is located
below the house and out of the view of
filming with ample additional top deck
equipment/truck parking.  There are also
several lower area parking spaces for
stake beds and semi trailers.

For filming permit contact:        

Crew parking is available adjacent to the
oil field at Culver City’s Botts Field.
Contact Culver City Police Department
Film Permit Coordinator:
Phone: 310-253-6212
Fax: 310-253-6220
Link to Culver City Website for crew
Click on Additional Off-Site Parking tab on
this page and link to:      
Culver City Filming
Film House & Oilfield in Stocker/
Oil Field
Please contact Liz Gosnell for additional photos, tours and
626-533-3730 or by e-mail@
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